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Due to the Coronavirus we have very sadly had to close our doors for any physiotherapy treatments.  However, at this moment in time, I am currently still able to offer appointments for diagnostic ultrasound scans.


If this changes this message will be updated accordingly.


We are able to offer telephone or video consultations as an alternative which we particularly recommend to the elderly or vulnerable.



In line with the current NHS regional trust guidelines, injections of corticosteroids will be a reduced dose only due to the immunosuppresant effects of steroids.  Hylauronic acid injections are not affected by this






Full clinical assessments backed up by diagnostic ultrasound as required for all sporting, ergonomic, work related or non specific musculo-skeletal conditions or back and neck injuries.


  • Physiotherapy Assessment and treatment including spinal and soft tissue mobilisation and manipulation, trigger point therapy and exercise rehabilitation.  Electrotherapy including ultrasound, TENS, Interferrential and muscle stim.


  • Movement re-education and rehabilitation


  • Core strengthening and soft tissue tissue manipulation


  • Sports performance with diagnosis of injury and rehabilitation or just for performance enhancement.  Specialists in running assessments and dance rehabiliatation.


  • Pilates classes with a maximum of 6 per class


  • Acupuncture


  • Ergonomic Advice


  • Postural and elderly rehabilitation and strengthening


  • Diagnostic ultrasound scanning with fully qualified MSK Sonographer, Radiologist supported.


  • Joint and Soft tissue injections by Qualified Independent Prescriber


  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections


  • Vestibular rehabilitation




Diagnostic ultrasound scan  £120 (with Robyn Burbridge)

Initial assessment, lasting approximately an hour without a scan £60 (Robyn, Sarah Willard or Rosie King)

Physiotherapy treatment, lasting approximately half an hour, £45

Corticosteroid injection, guided by ultrasound £180 (Robyn)

Hyaluronic acid injections, one injection £250 or set of 3 injections £265

Vestibular rehabilitation Assessment £70 with Rosie King

Acupuncture assessment £60 (Robyn or Rosie)

Acupuncture treatment £45

Deep Tissue Sports Massage, one hour £50, half an hour £40 with Jess Turill

Gait and running analysis £70 for hour assessment with Robyn Burbridge


Please ensure that if you need to cancel an appointment you provide at least 24 hours notice otherwise you will be charged the full amount  for your appointment.

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